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Come and enjoy an experience like no other.  Our float pods create a zero gravity environment by containing approximately 11″ of water, heated to skin temperature,  and 1200 pounds of Epsom salt, allowing your mind and body to fully relax. You actually feel like you are “floating in space”.

Because of the extremely buoyant environment, floating has been proven to affect both the body and mind in many beneficial ways.  It can be highly effective in reducing chronic pain such as Arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, pregnancy discomforts, etc,  And,  in a short amount of time, you can experience a euphoric state of spiritual well-being, moods and mental benefits that take years of practicing meditation to achieve! Supplying no outside stimulants, your system can fully devote all its energy into restoring itself to a normal state including health, vitality, and joy!

All of our float rooms are private suites which contain a changing area and shower in preparation for your float.  We also provide ear plugs, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.



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How Long Do You Float?

Most people typically float for 90 minutes.  However, we can schedule your float for 2, 3, 4 hours or as long as you like.  The longer you spend in the tank, the more your mind and body can benefit from the stimulus free and zero environment.

What Do I Wear To Float?

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. However, most people choose to wear nothing since you are in your own private room.

How Do I Prepare For Float?

We suggest not drinking coffee for several hours beforehand (it can make your system jittery).  Having something light in your stomach will help prevent stomach grumblings during your float. Also, don’t shave or wax since the salt water can irritate your skin. If you have recently colored your hair you must wait until no more color comes out in the shower before you can float. Other than that, there’s no specific preparation needed.

How Do You Sanitize The Water?

Our Float Pods get deep cleanings between each use. Our automated filtration system employs UV, ozone and a dual filtration system, to filter the water particles down to 1 micron in size. This is performed three times between each session, ensuring pristine water.