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About us

Why The NOVA Center?

NOVA Center was created with the vision to provide an inviting and casual environment for people to come relax and improve their overall wellbeing. Is it possible we created the most euphoric atmosphere, with the an array of unique services to promote a sense of relaxation our customers simply can’t find anywhere else? YOU BET WE DID!

We originally opened as a floatation center offering float services, but soon found there were other ways we could help our customers improve their stress levels and other health issues that were greatly impacting their daily lives.  You will see by our unique services that we have searched out modalities that can benefit everyone, not just people who like to float. By combining these unique services we have created a place where our customers can come relax, unplug, and rejuvenate themselves mentally and physically.

We invite you to come and enjoy all the unique experiences we have to offer, meet our friendly staff and relax in our comfortable lobby with free Wi-Fi access. Stay as long as you wish, but more importantly, enjoy yourself!  We look forward to seeing you soon!